The Heart Centered Woman

What does it mean to be Heart Centered?

October 18, 2021 Heather Harrison Season 1 Episode 1
The Heart Centered Woman
What does it mean to be Heart Centered?
Show Notes

I am thrilled to be launching my  podcast and so happy you have joined me here. In this first episode I give you a brief overview of my story and break down what it means to be Heart Centered. I talk about the incredible science behind what our heart is capable of and if you would like more information on what I have mentioned please check out So what would be the benefits of living a Heart Centered life:

  • We would feel a bit more grounded; more confident in our self and our abilities.
  • We would feel safe to explore our needs and desires.
  • We would be more comfortable in our own skin; letting us live a more authentic life.
  • We would feel more self-love, self-care, and self-compassion, allowing us to send out more love, care and compassion to others.
  • Life would be more fulfilling and satisfying.
  • Enjoying true heart feelings (natural expressions of our heart that result in a deeper experience of peace, joy, happiness and gratitude in daily life)
  • Improved health by decreasing the negative effects of stress
  • Reduced emotional reactivity by “responding”, and no longer “reacting” to stressful situations
  • Eliminating feelings of burnout and exhaustion
  • Reduction of conflicts in interpersonal relationships
  • An enhanced experience of intimacy, and genuineness in relationships
  • The ability to forgive those who have hurt us in any way
  • Becoming more patient and accepting of the imperfections in others and in ourselves
  • Letting go of problems and burdens, especially the ones that are beyond our control
  • Being more authentic and genuine while enhancing our experience of meaning, purpose and connection

If you are a woman who has been struggling internally with negative self talk or playing small, this is for you! I want to help welcome you into the pathway of finding your authentic self and cultivating radical self love so that you feel empowered to follow your dreams and live your best life!!